Strawberry cookies

After we went strawberry picking (14 lbs) the eldest boy wanted strawberry cookies. So after back and forth I summoned the awesome power of the Internet to fetch me forth a recipe. This is that recipe! Strawberry Cookies


Peanut snack bars

So, we’d been buying peanut butter bars from the store (natures valley ones I think). But they get expensive. Especially when you have three kids scarfing them all day. And then we noticed the ingredients list was perhaps longer than we’d’ve preferred So, I went looking for some idea of how to make some at [...]



OK, while I’m actively considering whether to keep my other two blogs (my personal and my geeky one) I’ve decided that this one I’m actually going to resurrect. Actually, apparently I have half a dozen recipes that I was already working on.  And we did about 5 at xmas that aren’t on here (although they [...]

Mooless Chocolate Pie

Dish: Dessert Taste: 5 Preparation: 5 Recipe: 4 Cost: $$ Repeat? Yes

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Boiled Eggs

Hey So, this isn’t the kind of thing I might normally put up here, but I figured it needed some traffic We get eggs delivered every other week from the farm that delivers our milk (go go gadget local! fresh! natural!).  We figured 12 eggs every 2 weeks works out.  Pumpkin bread takes 3 eggs, [...]

Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown

Beer: Maple Nut Brown Ale Brewer: Tommyknocker Link: Color: This was a bit of a darker tinge, but still quite pale Taste: Unremarkable. This was third in a succession of Tommyknockers. Likeability: It wasn’t bad, per se. Not something I have an interest in, again, but it was palatable

Tommyknocker Jack Whacker Wheat Ale

Beer: Jack Whacker Wheat Ale Brewer: Tommyknocker Link: Color: Another very pale, very clear, ale from Tommyknocker. Yellow, though. Taste: I honestly don’t remember anymore. I want to say this was one of the sour ones Likeability: I had a single sip and tossed this. I’m not, it seems, a fan of the Wheat [...]

Tommyknocker Ornery Amber

Beer: Ornery Amber Brewer: Tommyknocker Link: Color: Goldenrod with a dash of rust. This one has a very bright coloring, a very pale and light amber, as opposed to say Killian’s Irish Red which has a deep and dark coloration Taste: The taste matched the color. The flavour was much closer to a blonde [...]

Taco Soup

Dish: Soup Taste: 5 Preparation: 5 Recipe: 5 Cost: $ Repeat? Yes

Butternut Squash Soup

Dish: Soup Taste: 3 Preparation: 4 Recipe: 4 Cost: $$$ Repeat? No